Would beans, hot dogs, and french fries be a tasty combination? Sure, why not? The National Day Calendar lists today as National Beans and Franks Day, and it's also National French Fry Day. And this month is National Hot Dog Month.

I'm a big fan of hot dogs, but there have been times when I have run out of hot dog buns or bread, and since I always have a can of my favorite kind of beans in the cupboard, it's a quick dicing of a couple of hot dogs along with emptying a can of beans in a bowl and throwing the mess in the microwave. Now that's a meal that tastes good to me, although later on, well you get the picture.

My favorite kind of baked beans are bourbon and brown sugar. Toss in a good brand of sliced hot dogs, heat it up and enjoy.

Now on to the french fry. I do like shoestring fries, but they need to be hot, as in right out of the fryer. There's nothing like the taste of a hot french fry burning the roof of your mouth. Okay, maybe a piping hot slice of my favorite pizza, but that's it.

I don't much care for waffle or curly fries, but I do love steak fries. I'd probably say those are my favorite, followed by sweet potato fries. If it's string fries, I like to smother them in cheese with a sprinkling of bacon pieces.

Now for the big question since the topic here includes hot dogs and french fries. For hot dogs, what is your topping of choice? Ketchup or mustard? I am partial to ketchup, although favorite toppings would be chili, onions and a dab of mustard.

As for french fries, is it ketchup, vinegar or just salt and nothing else? For me, if the fries are piping hot, it's just salt. For sweet potato fries, I use vinegar and for steak fries, I prefer ketchup. Happy Beans and Frank and French Fry Day!

via National Day Calendar

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