Memorial Day Weekend, many of us will be standing next to the grill cooking up our favorite foods.Oh I can imagine the great smells right now.

What will your first holiday of summer look like on the picnic table? I was planning on my usual go to foods of hot dogs and hamburgers, but thinking about it as I write this, it's been a long time since I've grilled up some spiedies, and I think it's time. And I bet it will taste awesome on my nes wood pellet grill with the mesquite wood pellets fired up.

My wife is a pescatarian, meaning she will eat fish but no other meats, so her go to thing to cook on the grill is portobello mushrooms. Although last week, she tried one of those beyond burgers and really enjoyed it. I took a bite and it was actually not bad, but I'll stick with the real thing.

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And now for the big debate. What condiments or other items do you put on your burgers and hot dogs? I know some will chastise me, but I put ketchup on my hot dogs and hamburgers. Sometimes I will add mustard to my hot dog and maybe relish, but most often it's ketchup. Although my favorite is chili, cheese and onions. Now in that case, I will add mustard but not ketchup.

Any surveys I've seen in the past, seem to show that hot dog lovers prefer mustard over ketchup as a topping. Yummy Dogs published an article published in 2015 listing the top 10 most popular toppings, and in addition to the usual, it included sauerkraut, coleslaw, jalapeno, and at number 10 - mayonaise. Now I can't even think of what mayo would taste like on a hot dog, although I do love a combination of mayo and ketchup on a hamburger.

Whatever way you like to top your favorite grilled food, I hope you have a great holiday weekend, remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom, and enjoy our annual Memorial Day Classic Rock 500.

via Yummy Dogs

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