Nothing in the world beats a bite of delicious cheese when the cravings and the hungries hit and if we were in Switzerland or even out near Rochester, we'd be able to access a cold piece of cheese whenever we want. But, we're in Binghamton and out of luck.

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As a lover of pretty much all cheese (not cup cheese- cup cheese is a bio-hazard), I get really excited when I pass a vending machine and see a treat like a meat and cheese stick because I'd rather that over a bag of chips any day.

Imagine this though - a craving for cheese in the middle of the night, or while out shopping, or on a random Sunday afternoon, and being able to satisfy that cheese craving without having to walk into a store or stand in line to pay for it.

Listen, if you're rolling your eyes, you are clearly not a cheese lover because those who can't live without cheese totally understand. 

What Binghamton needs is a cheese vending machine. And not just one put someplace on Court or State Streets downtown. We need cheese vending machines put in some of our big vacant lots in Vestal and Johnson City and even Endicott. Sure, a business is going in at the old former K-Mart plaza in Endicott, but imagine if there was a cheese vending machine and you could just drive up to it any time of the day or night to treat yourself to a cheese treat.

Before you scoff at the cheese vending machine idea, know that there's a business just outside of Rochester that put a cheese vending machine up outside their business, and traffic to it is heavy - people take advantage of it all times of the day and night.

There are few things more excellent and more needed in this world than cheese.

By the way. the idea of a cheese vending machine is a meant to be a fun and lighthearted one, a conversation break from all of the heaviness in the world today. 

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