I think I've held out as long as I can. By that, I mean avoiding wearing a jacket of any kind or turning on the heat at home and in my camper.

Last Friday, I headed to camp on what was an unusually warm day for the middle of October. I remember many times at this time of year, snow would fly around the same weekend at camp.

I had to open all the windows and turn on a couple of fans to cool down the inside of my camper because it was so warm on Friday. Not complaining at all though. That evening, I joined my camp friends for a fire and some brews and conversation. It felt like a summer evening.

We commented on how that would probably be the end of warm nights, and we sure hit that on the head. Saturday morning, the winds and rain came and took away whatever remains of summer remained, away.

I had to dig out my hoodie, and debated on whether to turn on my camper's heating system. It was a struggle, but unfortunately, the cold temperatures swayed me to switch the thermostat from cool to heat. It's been a while since I've run heat, and at startup, the smell is not pleasant. At least I was warm, but sad knowing that cold weather conditions will be the norm for the next several months.

Today (Monday 10-18), as I stepped out the door of my home, I decided to continue to forgo wearing any type of coat or hoodie. That was a mistake, It didn't seem cold to begin with, but that changed as the day progressed. So I guess it's time to wear my hoodie when leaving the house, and probably not a bad idea to dig out my winter coat as well, even though I'm not happy about it.

Goodbye warm weather. Thanks for lasting last least until the middle of October. Time to bundle up for winter. Just wonderful.

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