With the pandemic interfering with our normal lives over the past few months, it seems to me that our contact with people has been limited. At work, many of my co-workers outside of the on-air personalities work from home or in the field, but don't spend much time in the office, so there are a few less people to have conversations during the workday.

Outside of work, I don't have much contact with people aside from the necessary shopping excursions. When the camping season began in May, I wondered how interaction with friends at camp would work out. While I have spent some time with my friends, it's been less than a normal year and we have stayed socially distanced.

While continuing to be safe, I have had the privilege of meeting a few people new to the campground and some guests and relatives of campers this year. Last week, I met a couple of people and had a great conversations about a lot of different subjects. It felt good being around people after distancing myself for most of the past seven months.

We talked about a lot things including the fact that we both were born in Texas. My stay only lasted until my father's time in the Army was up. He stayed in Texas, graduating in 1962 in Dallas. We talked about the Kennedy assassination in his city, the Vietnam war in which he served, about how I didn't know much about that war until one of my uncles died in battle, and we talked a lot about the uneasy times in the 1960s, the decade that we both grew up in.

It was nice to talk to someone from out of our area and hear their point of view about history and life. Haven't done that in a long time. This Covid-19 has to end soon before we all become hermits.

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