If you're a pet owner, you've got exactly 20 days, today included, to decide what you're going to dress your four-legged friend as for Halloween.

Have you seen the video floating around social media of the dog costume that looks like a giant spider? Someone, please do this costume. I would, but my landlord has banned us from having pets. But really though, I need to see someone recreate that costume.

20 days might seem like a decent amount of time to figure out what kind of costume you're going to put your pet in for Halloween, but you know how life works. Things slip away from us and then before we know it, the day that seemed so far away is suddenly on top of us and we haven't made any progress.

Don't let that happen this year. Take a peek at this super adorable video of pets sporting Halloween costumes and maybe you'll come up with inspiration to make or buy something this weekend!

Want more? Us, too!

Why stop there? Here's one more video, but after this, you should probably get back to work!

Happy costume planning!