Yes, it's that time of year when we have a whole lot of fun involving the Whale Nation. It's time for the Whale Bowl of Rock-n-Roll!

Every year around this time, we choose 32 Classic Rock artists and band that air on The Whale and pair them up into sixteen opening battle rounds. Your job is the fun part. You get to call in and vote during each battle for the artist or band you want to see advance to the next round.

This is our 30th year of the Whale Bowl of Rock-n-Roll and this year we have expanded it to four days. From around 8:40 am to 5 pm, each day Tuesday through Friday, we will take votes during the battle.

Remember, you will be voting for the artist or band, not the song. Last year's champion was The Eagles in a blowout of Led Zeppelin. As a matter of fact, the past four years have been championship blow-outs. During the 2015 Whale Bowl of Rock-n-Roll, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers blew out Led Zeppelin. Maybe Zepp fans couldn't keep up with dialing the phone during the championship round.

It will be interesting to see who is crowned the 30th annual Whale Bowl of Rock-n-Roll this year. We need your votes, otherwise, your favorite Classic Rocker won't get past the first round. Opening round battles occur Tuesday and Wednesday.

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