Why is we become so obsessed with the first sighting of snow around this time each year? It doesn't bring happiness does it? Alright, for those who ski, snowboard, and ride snowmobiles, yes it's cause for celebration.

Even I get a bit excited about the first snowfall, even though I hate snow and the other words that come with it, including cold and ice.

This year, everyone is making their prediction of how much snowfall we will get and how cold it will be. Why is it everyone has a different answer from different sources. The Farmer's Almanac has their prediction, which mentions this week to be warm and sunny. Well, the sunny part is correct, and I'm not sure what the criteria for warm is.

The way I look at it, if the temperature is under 60 degrees, it's a cold day. Winter is harsh in these parts. We know it, we survive it and that's that until April or May or even sometimes June.

I remember many Memorial Days that were on the cold, windy and rainy side. And then June would show up and it would be like someone turned on the heat. As if spring never existed.

To say I'm numb to northeast winters would be a lie. As long as I live here, I'll never get used to it. And no, I am not going to uproot my life and move to another part of the country that may have a better climate. Most of those places have their own problems too.

So here's to the first snowfall. Enjoy it now. It's going to be a long winter.

via The Farmer's Almanac

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