As I write this article during the second week of February 2023, to date, the total snowfall for this winter according to the Binghamton National Weather Service is 38 inches as recorded at the Binghamton Airport, and that's just over a foot less than normal.

The Binghamton National Weather Service states that the average snowfall from February 6th into May is about 36 inches in total. Will we see anywhere near that amount, given what we've received so far? Well, never say never with weather predictions in the Southern Tier.

Speaking of snowfall in the Southern Tier, how early and how late in the season has Binghamton been hit with what we might call, surprise snow? Well, I took a look at the Extreme Weather Watch website for the answers with statistics from NOAA. 


The years recorded on the list from Extreme Weather Watch range from 1893 to 2023. October 2nd seems to be a popular date for early snow and on this list, the earliest snowfall was on that date in 1974 and 2003. In 1974, we receive 0.2 inches, and in 2003, the total was 0.1 inches

The most amount for the earliest date was October 15th, 2009 with a total snowfall of 1.2 inches. The high temperature on that date was 38 degrees and the low was 31 degrees.

The Extreme Weather Watch website notes that the latest snowfall in Binghamton as recorded by NOAA at the Binghamton Airport, was on May 18th, again not once but twice on that date.

Snow written on car windscreen

On May 18th, 1974 snowfall total was 0.7 inches and on May 18th, 2002 the accumulation was 1.7 inches. That's way too late for snow. But do you remember this?  In 2020, we had measurable snowfall on May 8th, 9th, 10th, and 12th for a four-day total of 0.10 inches according to the Extreme Weather Watch website via records from NOAA.

The most snowfall in May occurred on May 9th, 1977 with 1.8 inches recorded. We still have February, March, and April to get hit with measurable snow. Not good for those of us who dislike winter, but a blessing for those who love winter.  Time will tell.


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