The Christmas tree has reached it's destination on Saturday (November 14th) at Rockefeller Center in New York City as the official holiday tree for 2020.

The tree came from Upstate New York as most news media outlets outside of our area mentioned. Must be it was too hard to pronounce Oneonta, New York. The tree began it's destination from Oneonta via a tractor trailer last Thursday (November 12th), weighing in at 11 tons with a height of 75 feet. That's one big tree.

It will take a while to decorate the tree as you can imagine, given it's size. The lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is scheduled for December 2nd according to the Rockefeller Center website. The website mentions that it's the 88th Christmas tree and will have more than 50,000 LED lights on it when the decorating is finished. That's equal to about five miles of wire.

The Rockefeller Center website notes that this tradition has been going on for more than eight decades, beginning in December of 1931 when Rockefeller Center workers chipped in to purchase a 20 foot tree. And the tradition continues, with a tree almost four times that size. Check out the gallery below of the tree being prepared for it's journey from Oneonta to New York City.

via CBS News and Rockefeller Center

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TIMBER! Oneonta Tree Comes Down To Use Used For Rockefeller Christmas





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