MLB reportedly sent another proposal to the Major League Baseball Player's Association (MLBPA) on Monday and the reaction was not positive.  ESPN's Karl Ravech, former WBNG TV sports anchor, reports that MLB's offer includes a 76-game regular season schedule which would end on Sunday, September 27.  The schedule includes 75% prorated salaries.  Post season games would end on October 31.

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According to the Associated Press the new proposal would have the shortened season begin on July 10.  MLB can relocate teams to neutral sites or spring training sites as needed.

Willard sites to comply with government restrictions or health and safety concerns.

According to the Associated Press the compensation scale would be 50 percent of the player's prorated salary as determined by a March 26 agreement for a 76 game schedule.  The player would receive an additional 20 percent if the postseason was completed and also 50 percent of earned bonuses after the prorated salary.

Under the proposal for the postseason the supplemental payment is $393 million total.  From that amount $50 million is accrued for the Division Series, an added $50 for the League Championship Series and the remainder for the World Series.  If the 2020 postseason is completed MLB will provide $50 million dollars to a players' pool if no fans attend.

Also under the MLB proposal preseason training would run for 21 days not counting a monitoring period for COVID-19.  In addition according to the Associated Press players can opt out of the deal.  High risk players determined by MLB and the union can elect not to play and would be treated the same as an injured player for salary and major league service credit.  If a player is not regarded as high risk but wants to opt out then he would be placed on a restricted list for the entire season and would not receive any salary or service time credit.

In addition to all of the above the commissioner of baseball maintains the right to cancel the season, any individual games or postseason games if there are health or safety risks.  Should travel restrictions be enacted  or other reasons the season would be cancelled then the player would only receive the salary earned to that point.

Now the negotiations swing back to the Player's Association. Meanwhile the countdown continues.



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