We've seen some pretty crazy weather phenomena in the Southern Tier-- two "hundred-year floods" in a five-span, almost three feet of snow in March 2017.

The weather can be harsh here. I remember during the 2017 snowstorm I was working at one of the television stations around here at the time. I could not go home that night. Luckily there was a hotel a short distance from the station, otherwise, the station would have been my home for the night.

It gets crazy around here for sure, but in my 27 years, five months, and five days on planet Earth, I've never heard of anything like what those out in Denver experienced this week...

In an 18-hour period (from Wednesday into Thursday), the temperature in Denver swung a full 63 degrees.

Nope. Not kidding.

According to KOMO-TV, the mercury reached 82 degrees on Wednesday afternoon.

Then a cold front thicker than a bowl of oatmeal swept through, causing the temperature to plummet to 19 degrees by the following morning.

The nice sunny day turned into a winter wonderland the following morning.

Next time you want to complain about the Southern Tier weather, just remember: at least we're not in Denver.

[via KOMO]


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