This weekend is St Patrick's Day weekend. If you are going to be out drinking, please plan ahead. Bring along a designated driver, call a cab, use an Uber or Lyft, or walk if you have to. You might think you're fine to drive when you really aren't. You could end up hurting yourself or someone else. Even if you are lucky enough not to hit anything or anyone, the cops will have special Stop DWI patrols out this weekend looking for impaired drivers. It's just not worth the risk.

If you do end up taking a cab or an Uber home from the bar this weekend, make sure you check the backseat before climbing out. According to Uber, an hour before midnight until an hour after midnight is the time frame where people leave stuff behind the most. It kind of makes sense when you figure people are probably on their way home from a bar and had quite a bit to drink, and are just trying to figure out how to open the door in a stranger's car.

Uber released a list of the Top 10 strange things that were left behind in Uber's this past year. The list includes; a flat-screen TV, a leaf blower, a bulletproof vest, and even someone's little brother. I'm sure that was fun to try and explain to their parents. The Parent to their child, 'hey Honey, where is your little brother'? The kid thinking to themselves, 'Oh crap. I'll be grounded forever'.

The full list of strange things that people left in Ubers is available on their website.

[via Uber]

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