This pandemic has been putting a lot of things on hold this summer, including festivals, fairs, events, sports, vacations and so much more. But there are still things you can do, to have fun, right?

I was thinking about different things I could do this summer, rather than just stay home or go to the campground. And then it hit me what we have right around us. And that thing is the Finger Lakes region.

I grew up in and around the Finger Lakes, and if you've been to any of the lakes or towns that border on them, you know how beautiful they are. Each town has its own charm, with cool downtown areas, parks, waterfront activities, shops, wineries, vineyards, great places to eat and much more to do and see.

Here's a few places that are must-visits if you are looking for a day long getaway this summer. Add to the list of any place you have visited throughout the Finger Lakes that would be a great getaway this summer.

via Google Maps Street View

Finger Lakes Towns

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