Just because it's the fall season, it doesn't mean we have to retreat to our homes, close up all the windows and settle in for months-long indoor living. There are plenty of outdoor activities to do.

I for one, enjoy being outdoors as much as I can, and that's why I have a camper parked in a campground year-round in the Endless Mountain area of Pennsylvania. I won't close up for the season until the very end of October. I'm hoping for some nice warm, sunny days for the next few weeks.

With all the fun outdoor activities happening in the Southern Tier of New York and Northeast Pennsylvania, it's not hard dot find something to do in the great outdoors. Maybe spending time at one of our many lakes sounds like something fun to do. And we certainly have a lot of lakes to choose from, beginning with the Finger Lakes.

And apparently, according to the Home To Go website, listing the top five destinations in the United States, destination number three just happens to be just under a 2-hour drive to the west of Binghamton.

Google Maps Street View

That destination is Keuka Lake. Home To Go states people are searching more than ever, for places to stay in the fall that feature certain qualifications including a quiet beach community, a mountain village, and in the case of Keuka Lake, lakeside towns, such as Hammondsport in the southern end, Branchport on the western tip and Penn Yan on the eastern tip of the lake.

Keuka Lake
Google Maps Street View

I can attest to that, having spent a lot of summers with my family renting cabins on Keuka Lake. Bar Harbor, Maine comes in first on the list, followed by Lake Cumberland, Kentucky, and then Keuka Lake.

Home To Go mentions that 80 percent of those surveyed plan to travel over the fall and winter seasons, and the average traveler will take 2 to 3 overnight trips.

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