The St Louis Blues beat the Boston Bruins 4 to 1 in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals to win the first NHL Championship in their franchise history.

St Louis has been in the league for 52 years and have made it to the finals three times prior to this year. In all three of those best-of-seven series they lost four games to none. So when they finally beat Boston in game 2 of the Finals this year, it was the first time ever St Louis had won an NHL Finals game.

Personally, I always root for the underdog, unless of course they're playing my favorite team. My Flyers did not make it to the playoffs this year, so I picked out all the teams that had not yet won the Stanley Cup and started rooting for them. One of them was St Louis.

Boston was heavily favored in this series because of all the household names they have on their roster and because they won the Cup in 2011 and five times prior to that.
Also factoring in to the equation was the fact that St Louis had the worst record in the league in the first week of January. The Blues could have given up on the season, but they did not. They completed one of the greatest come back stories in sports history. For them to go from last place to 1st place should give hope for a fan of any team that struggles early in the season in any sport.

I also wanted the Blues to win because Craig Berube, who is their head coach, was both a player and a coach for Philadelphia, and Brayden Schenn, who plays center on the top line for the Blues, is also a former Philadelphia Flyer.

As I stated when the series first started, Boston has won it enough. Not just in hockey, but Boston teams have won enough championships in every sport. The St Louis fans saw their football team win the Superbowl only to leave town years later. It's been years since the Cardinals won the World Series in baseball and the Blues never won the title prior to last night.

The fan base was so excited for the game last night that they filled the Blues Arena and just about filled the baseball stadium in St Louis as well, so they can watch the game from Boston together on the big screens.

So congratulations to the St. Louis Blues, all of their loyal fans, and fans of underdogs everywhere.

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