Yesterday, I did some research into songs that reference towns, villages and cities around the Binghamton area and neighboring cities. Well, I missed a few due to the fact that I sometimes just forget things.

I am a big fan of Harry Chapin's music. And why I forgot about some of his local references, I'm not sure, but let's set that straight here with three of his songs.

'The Mayor of Candor Lied' begins with the line "In the little town of Candor in the last year of my youth. I learned the final lesson of the levels to the truth." Is it about our little town of Candor in Tioga County? Some say yes, and others say it's just a play on the word 'candor.' I want to believe it's about the town. The final lines in the song reveal a shocking ending.

'Old College Avenue' is a reference to Cornell in Ithaca where Harry spent some time. One of the lines includes "And through all the years that you've been gone, I have found that it would never go away. It was Old College Avenue."

And one of my favorite Harry Chapin songs is '30,000 Pounds Of Bananas.' The song begins with "It was just after dark when the truck started down the hill that leads into Scranton Pennsylvania. Carrying thirty thousand pounds of bananas." The song was based on a true, tragic story. It occurred in 1975. The truck driver was a hero for doing his best to avoid hitting people as the truck barreled down Moosic Street into Scranton out of control because of a mechanical failure. Several people were injured and the truck driver perished in the crash.

Finally, there's 'Camptown Races' written by Stephen Foster in 1850. Camptown is a small town in Bradford County, Pennsylvania approximately 40 miles southwest of Binghamton. The first weekend in September, the town continues the tradition of a 10k race.

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