Our towns lay claim to our name first, no matter what other towns in the United States that copy us, can claim, right? According to Geotargit, there are three communities named Binghamton. The others are in Wisconsin and California. The 'Binghamton' community in Wisconsin is west of Green Bay and doesn't look like much at all other than a couple or rural businesses and farmland. In California, Binghamton is southwest of Sacramento and looks to be nothing more than the name of a road.

Geotargit lists Johnson City in six places, but only two that I can see that are real communities here in the Southern Tier of New York and in Tennessee. The Johnson City in Tennessee is a rather large city.

Geotargit lists Endicott in seven communities - New York, West Virginia, Washington, Virginia, Nebraska, Massachusetts and Kentucky. Our Endicott is by far the largest and much more incorporated than the others. Some of these Endicotts look like real towns, and some don't look like anything but a tumbleweed. Check out the gallery of the seven locations below, and you'll see what I mean.

Endicotts of the United States

via Geotargit

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