I've always had a fascination with maps. Maybe it's because I like to travel and see the world. Unfortunately, I haven't and probably won't see as much of the world and even the United States as I'd like to in my lifetime, but that doesn't mean I can't look around the world through maps.

When I used to travel on vacations, I looked forward to getting that AAA Trip Tik map. I'd study it and learn the routes to my destination before heading out on the journey. Nowadays, I rarely leave the Southern Tier of New York or Northeastern Pennsylvania, but I still love to check out maps, and more specifically Google Maps.

You can see pretty much anywhere on the planet and even zoom in. And since Google Maps Street View became a thing, I was in heaven. I love checking out places I've never been from the view of the street.

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Something I noticed on Google Maps is sometimes the 3D view versus the zoomed-in street view shows different scenes. That's because the two images are from different times. 3D images are ariel images and street view images are taken in 360 from a google vehicle.

And to show you what I mean, check out the images below from what a Binghamton area place or building looked like via 3D, and what it looks like now.

Then & Now New Triple Cities Images

via Google Maps 

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