If you know me, you probably know there are just a few things that get me excited. Obviously being in the radio profession is one. After 40 years being in the business, that would be a given.

The others include taking in retired Greyhounds, being a mobile DJ on a part-time basis, and loosely, camping. I call it loosely camping, because camping in the true sense, is being out in the country, with a tent, sleeping bag and just a few essentials. My travel trailer is stocked with more crap than my house, so it's more like a country getaway, but you won't hear me complaining. I did the tent thing for many years.

I used to travel a few times a year to other locations around our beautiful country, plus stops in countries including Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland and Wales. Since I got the camping/travel trailer bug, that has stopped.

It's been a long time since I have gone more than 100 miles or so from home. Well, now I can visit just about any point of the planet with a computer, mouse, keyboard and internet access. Online maps have become one of my fun obsessions. I've always been a fan of maps. Used to get excited getting those maps from AAA when planning a trip.

This is nothing new to any of us, but I can't get enough. Just type in a place or zoom in anywhere on the planet to see what it looks like. Add in street view, and it's like you're there in a 360 degree view without having to move out of the chair.

I have seen the google car a couple times in the Binghamton area recently, but have yet to see if my car showed up where I saw the vehicle. Probably had the camera turned off. But, hey, they got my neighborhood and house on street view, so that's cool. It's the simple things that get me excited.

Pardon me for ending this story. I'm about to travel to the Greek Island of Santorini. Without leaving my chair. The view is breathless.

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