It all started when The Huffington Post ran an article of funny tweets that were being sent out during last week's airing of the classic 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer'.

Some of the observations were talking about the bird, who earlier admitted he couldn't fly, being tossed out of Santa's sleigh without an umbrella. Others were talking about how Rudolph was bullied by Santa, his flying coach Comet, as well the other reindeer.

One tweet even made fun of the fact that there was dentist shaming because the other elves didn't want anything to do with Hermey because he wanted to become a dentist.

For years now I've joked that Rudolph should have told Santa to go pound sand because clearly, he was just using him to light his way on that Christmas Eve. Well, people started jumping on the bandwagon and bashing Rudolph for all the bullying that takes place in the movie.

A lot of people were saying that it also shows that if you are not normal, you don't belong. Really? This cartoon has been around since 1964. Did you ever stop to think that there's a positive message behind the whole thing? Maybe the fact that people, or in this case the toys are different, that they are still useful and wanted? Rudolph obviously proved that hid is red nose was a very positive thing.

I remember watching this as a kid and feeling bad for Rudolph. Yes, bullying is wrong, and I learned that from watching this.

Let's face it we live in a world where everything will offend at least some people. I personally believe we have grown soft. If your biggest worry in life revolves around a cartoon from the 1960s, then you should be thankful, because your life is not that bad after all.

Lighten up, people.

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