The school bully, the kid that everyone feared and most avoided has been around for generations.

We have seen an increase in the severity of bullying over the past years, especially with the emergence of today's social media.

About two thirds of bullying is verbal in the form of teasing, spreading rumors, profane remarks, and name calling.

I have someone very close to me that was a victim of physical abuse from school bullies many years ago. This person had their potential snuffed out because of these cruel horrible individuals. They ended up quitting school and working menial jobs, until finally reaching their true potential at middle age.

I wonder if these so called 'bullies' ever step back and think about the pain they have inflicted on these kinder, gentler souls whom they victimize.
These wounds can last a life time and have caused many to take their own lives.

There is a National Bullying Helpline for more info, HERE.

We live in a world where many seemed to be more concerned with petty causes and silly issues. However, I do believe there should be justice for victims of this kind of treatment, and repercussions for the antagonists.

Let the punishment fit the crime, is what I always say.

Check out this video that that went viral last year.. It features an 11-year-old named Logan who has been bullied. Listen to him as he reads some of the hateful comments that have been said about him.

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