Sicilian pizza and Grandma pizza may look like they’re the same but true pizza connoisseurs know that they are distinctly different and will tell you so.

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A recent survey conducted by pizza app Slice found that the very most favorite pizza of New Yorkers is Sicilian pizza but some swear that the true love of New Yorkers is a type of pizza called Grandma's pizza.

Grandma's pizza (sometimes called Grandma's pie) was born in New York and while it is a Sicilian type of pizza, it is not true Sicilian. Grandma's pizza has a thin crust and is generally not cooked in a pizza oven because, well Grandmas in Long Island created the recipe and would cook it in a traditional oven such as the type you and I have in our homes.

Like Sicilian pizza, Grandma's pizza is cooked in a square pan however, this particular style of pizza is usually made with the cheese on the dough and then the sauce laid on top of the cheese rather than the other way around.

Another way to tell the difference between Sicilian and Grandma's pizza is that with Sicilian, the dough is stretched in the pan and then left to sit while it rises which transforms it into a more fluffy crust. Grandma's pizza dough is stretched into the pan and then popped into the oven, giving it little time to rise and making it much thinner and more crispy. Another way to tell the difference between Sicilian and Grandma's pizza is that Grandma's tends to have a stronger garlic taste while Sicilian pizza has more of a sweet taste.

While nobody is able to say exactly who was the first to create Grandma's pizza, the belief is that it came about sometime in the 1970s and that it was made by first-generation Italian immigrants in Long Island who were trying to replicate pizza as they remembered it from their home country using the American ingredients they were able to get their hands on.

Fun fact: if you're from Philadelphia or have family from there and you know what tomato pie is, Grandma's pie is quite similar! 

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