One of the things I love about the Binghamton area is the number of great local restaurants we get to enjoy.

It seems whatever you are in the mood for, we have a restaurant that has what you are looking for in a meal. American, Southern, Indian, Italian, Greek, Asian, Mexican, and Thai cuisines all can be found in and around the Binghamton area among others.

No disrespect to national food chain restaurants in our area, as we have many great national chains to enjoy food as well, I love to eat local more often. Thinking about the many types of food available in the Binghamton area, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the top-rated Italian restaurants in our area according to Yelp!

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Keep in mind, Yelp! lists are determined by reviews, so if your local restaurant isn't listed or you think it should be higher on the list, give your favorites a positive review and be honest about it. And your positive review helps that restaurant when someone is searching for a great place to eat.

So, here is the top 12 rated positive Binghamton area Italian restaurants according to Yelp! reviews. But you know the list only begins there. We have many more restaurants in the Binghamton areas that serve great Italian dishes. Let me know what your favorite area Italian restaurant is.

And after I'm done with this article, I'm visiting one (or more) of them for sure!

Top Rated Binghamton Area Italian Restaurants

via Yelp!

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