When is the last time that you ordered a pizza and asked the person making it to throw some tuna on top? If you live in New York, there's a really good chance that you've never asked such a strange question.

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How about corn? When is the last time that you ate a piece of pizza topped with corn? We've talked to approximately zero people who said they had and yet an infographic shared by One Bite Frozen Pizza claims that corn is the pizza topping of choice for people who live in Pennsylvania and in West Virginia.

If you think we were joking about tuna as a topping, we weren't. One Bite Frozen Pizza claims that tuna is the topping of choice for those who live in Minnesota and get this- they say that people in Arizona top their pizza with carrots.

While the top topping choices shared by One Bite Frozen Pizza have us raising a skeptical eyebrow, there's a new survey from the pizza app Slice that we're leaning more toward believing. The Slice graphic shows the most popular pizza by state and there are no crazy toppings like carrots, tuna, or corn.

One interesting thing the survey from Slice did find is that Hawaiian pizza is the favorite type of pizza in four states, but Hawaii isn't one of them. Ironic, right?

The most popular type of pizza across the United States, including right here in New York, is Sicilian pizza. No crazy toppings like tuna or corn for us. New Yorkers are all about thick, spongy dough topped with tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese, thankyouverymuch.

Our neighbors in Pennsylvania are big fans of white pizza which doesn't use any tomato sauce but instead generally consists of olive oil, garlic, and cheese on top of the dough.


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