We were all a little disappointed last year when we found out that the Binghamton Devils would be spending the 2020-2121 season in New Jersey. We were surprised (some more than others) that the AHL Devils were leaving a year early and heading to Utica.

We were pleased to learn that the Federal Prospects Hockey League would be coming to town with the Binghamton Black Bears at the Visions Federal Credit Union Memorial Arena.

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Andreas Johansson is the owner and he held a press conference on Thursday, June 3rd and now we know more...a lot more.

Latest Binghamton Black Bears News

The Binghamton Black Bears are proud to unveil their logo, colors, and jerseys for the 2021-2022 season. They chose green and black for their color scheme: Green because it's the color that represents Binghamton and black because it looks good on the uniforms.

They chose the name "Black Bear" because it's an intimidating animal and let's face it, who wouldn't love a stuffed Binghamton Black Bear to take home with them.

There will be 30 home games at the Visions Federal Credit Union Memorial Arena. The first home game will be on Saturday, November 6th against the Delaware Thunder and season tickets are now available.

Binghamton Black Bears Chuck-a-Puck?

I was able to give my daughter, Tara the awesome news and she only had one question for me: Are we doing Chuck-a-Puck with the Black Bears? My answer: They don't know for sure yet but they are working on it. By the way, they could go back to shooting pucks into the net to win a key. That would be really good news.


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