It's August and the temperatures will be in the 90's all week long but before you know it, the colder weather will be here and we'll have hockey on our minds. It's hard to believe the Binghamton Black Bears home opener is less than three months away on November 6th.

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On Saturday, August 7th, the newest Binghamton hockey team held their Open House, and here are some of the things that you missed if you weren't there.

Binghamton Black Bears Open House

The Binghamton Black Bears can't wait to see you as the newest hockey team to come to Broome County. Here is what we can look forward to.

We love hockey in the Southern Tier and here are five of the things that we love the most about hockey in Binghamton

Five Things We Love About Hockey In Binghamton, In No Particular Order

The Broome-Binghamton Dusters

Greater Binghamton Sports Hall Of Fame

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