I have a shoelace issue. Wow, that sounds very strange. For most of my life I've had trouble keeping my shoelaces tied. For some reason, they find their way loose, and end up untied. Why is that? I double tie them so they should not come loose, but they do anyway. It's my living hell.

Speaking of tying your shoes, apparently runners have several techniques to tie their shoes. Tribesports.com lists 10 different styles that runners use. I'm sure they don't come loose during a race. Like any other sport, it's another way to help your run become more efficient.

The techniques range from Wide Forefoot to High Arches, and explains how to lace the show and exactly what it accomplished. I'm sure these tips can work for anyone, not just runners.

Using these techniques might come in handy for our upcoming Hot Cross Run. We're getting close to this exciting event at Otsiningo Park, Binghamton on Saturday June 18th. If you have pre-registered, excellent! If not, you can do so now, including complete information by clicking on that awesome blue button below!

[via Tribesports.com]