Being in a rock band isn’t for everyone. Banging up against all kinds of challenges to your ego is an occupational hazard, and rock history is overflowing with legendary bands whose members engaged in endless bitter battles involving everything from fisticuffs to lawsuits.

Some of the most pride-deflating experiences to be found within the rock ‘n’ roll realm, especially as you approach the ladder of fame’s upper rungs, has come not from intra-band squabbles but ironically from the organization ostensibly dedicated to honoring rock’s greats.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has come under fire for plenty of reasons over the years, most often on account of important bands it has failed to induct. But there’s another, less obvious way in which the institution has shortchanged some extremely relevant rockers, and it might be the unkindest cut of all.

There’s a sizable batch of bands that have received the nod from the Hall but been given an elbow in the gut by having some significant members ignored in the induction process. Some of them are founding members who played key roles in establishing the group’s sound, and others came in later to replace important members and keep the whole operation going.

From AC/DC to the Velvet Underground and beyond, here's a look back at acts who have had deserving members suffer a particularly cruel fate: Being left out.

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