The 2017 inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame include some of the best rock groups from the last several years, Yes, Journey, ELO and even Pearl Jam are signs the Hall got it right this year.

When it comes to recognizing the rock groups that stand out more than others the process gets a bit biased, but I still think the committee could do a better job of selecting the upper echelon.

Here are five of my all time favorite groups, and although there are many others I could mention, here are five that never were.

60: Boston

Boston is a group that should have been considered but has never been included on the nominee list in their 16 years of eligibility, their debut album has a pure angelic sound unlike any other band most of us had ever heard, their songs are played on rock stations everywhere, so when you talk about musical excellence, which is one of the key considerations for induction, how can you justify Boston’s zero nominations?

Jethro Tull
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Jethro Tull is probably one of the most unique progressive rock band of the 1970's, combining a med-evil sound with flute voicings, piano and guitar, along with the vocals and sophisticated lyrics of Ian Anderson, this group is another great band that has never been nominated.

Joe Walsh & Bad Company One Hell Of A Night Tour - West Palm Beach, FL
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Bad Company is another one of those groups that stand out when we consider rock groups that have a unique sound and songwriting ability, Paul Rodgers has a soulful voice that stands out on all of theri classic hits from their signature song 'Bad Company' to 'Can't Get Enough' and 'Shooting Star' they have never been considered for induction.

Moody Blues
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The Moody Blues should have made it simply based on their 1967 album 'Days of Future Passed' a project ahead of its time that combined rock with a classic sound that the London Philharmonic added to songs like 'Tuesday Afternoon' and the classic 'Nights In White Satin' among their many albums and hits, they were never consideration for induction .


IEBA 2016 Conference - Day 2
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Three Dog Night combined three lead singers Danny Hutton, Cory Wells, and Chuck Negron and produced 21 consecutive hits including 'One' 'Shambala' and one of their signature classics 'Joy to the World (Jeremiah was a bullfrog} Three Dog Night filled arenas all over the world and sold millions of albums and singles, yet their name has never been mentioned for consideration into the Rock Hall

I am not sure how the committee could sit in a room and say Tupac Shakur, ABBA or Madonna are better choices for the Rock Genre than the above mentioned.

Blow it out your A*S Rock Hall Committee!

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