Chicago, Cheap Trick, Steve Miller and Deep Purple make up the main stream rock groups that will be inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame tonight in Brooklyn.

Many of my past blogs have been about the disharmony within these legendary bands, and the end result is several estranged members and lots of trash talk and negative vibes, surrounding such a prestigious event.


Cheap Tricks original lineup are on board, including original drummer Bun E. Carlos
Robin Zander spoke out on the bands induction saying it is "an honor" and promised "We're not bitching about it one bit like everybody else does."




Chicago Records II

Chicago fans were hoping to see a reunion that would include original bass player and vocalists Peter Cetera, but Cetera pulled out with a negative vibe, it would have been the first time they would perform together in over 30 years.




John Minihan, Hulton Archive / Getty Images

The latest comes from Deep Purple another legendary group that can’t put aside their differences and give the fans the respect they deserve for years of loyalty.

Original lead singer Ian Gillian will not perform on stage with original guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, because he thinks it’s disrespectful to the new band members that joined in later years, he’s also dismissing David Coverdale and Glen Hughes.

Ritchie Blackmore has now given notice that he will not attend the April inductions sighting he was 'banned' from attending, actually he is a founding member so no one can ban him from being there.

I think the disrespect is on Ian Gillian for not allowing a legendary guitarist who invented one of the most recognizable iconic riffs from 'Smoke on the Water'  to take the stage.

I know as a huge fan I would want to see Ritchie Blackmore and the original line up, hey if the other guys want to join in for a tune I say that would be fine.

I realize there is a feud between Gillian and Blackmore, but come on guys how about doing this for the fans.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Steve Miller doesn't really have anyone to feud with since he wrote produced and played several instruments on his biggest hits.





The 31st Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony takes place tonight 7pm at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.