I remember waiting in anticipation for the release of the four solo albums from the members of Kiss back in 1978. They arrived in record stores on September 18th.

From the first time we heard about this, I thought what a hell of a concept. Kiss was at the top of their game, and on the same day, each of the guys, Peter Criss, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley were going to each release a solo album, some featuring guest musicians.

The albums were titled with the artist's name only, and the cover of each album simply featured a head shot, all in the same style.

Musically, each album did well on the US album charts, but the only album of the four to contain a song that did well on the singles chart, was Ace Frehley's New York Groove.

That being said, take a moment to enjoy Ace and the rest of Kiss rockin' out to New York Groove in New York!