If you're fortunate enough to still have your mom in your life, make sure you reach out and make plans to visit her if possible, that's the best gift you could give her.

I was talking with my mom on the phone yesterday and she said "Am I going to see you over the holidays?" I know many people who have lost their parents, and while I can't relate to that because both of mine are still with me, I imagine it's a hard time of year for those without.

Many families choose Pollyanna and some don't participate in gift exchanges at all during the holiday, but even though she might say, "you don't have to get me anything", I suggest you do.

So what do you give the woman who's given you everything? You know yours better than I do, so take a few minutes to think about what she would really appreciate. Many times a simple conversation with her will bring out some great ideas! Remember, how much you spend is not nearly as important as the thought you put into it.

It's also important to include her in your holiday celebrations. If she lives within driving distance, you might want to go visit her or bring her to your home. If she's several hundred miles away you could arrange a phone call with your local family, or if she's tech savvy, FaceTime or Skype is a cool option!

Each year more and more of us lose our moms and that's someone you can never replace, so make some memories this holiday season. So I'll end this blog with a warm wish to all mothers for a wonderful and joyous holiday!

Merry Christmas, moms!

Photo Doug Mosher