When I first heard of Amazon's Alexa enabled devices, I was skeptical. I guess as we get older, we start to question advances in technology?

It seemed that more and more people were buying up these devices and then Google got into game with Google Home devices. Maybe this wasn't going to be just a quick electronic fad thing after all.

I reluctantly decided to purchase an echo Dot during one of the times it went on sale. I bought the Echo Dot because it was in the price range I was willing to part with. The bigger, original model was more than I needed. Well, I was addicted from the start. Plus the fact that I could now listen to 99.1 The Whale, and not even have to get off my ass, and turn on something, the Echo was worth the price.

So, last week, I thought I'd buy one for my Mom, who is retired and like me, is reluctant to new technology,  I was hoping she might get a kick out of the device. Actually I was a bit nervous, because if she didn't want it, I wasn't sure what to do with it. I already have 3 Echo devices.

Much to my delight, she actually thought it was cool. After I set it up and explained how it works, I had her ask Alexa something. So, the first thing she says is "Alexa, Play 'Dueling Banjos.' What? Of all the things to ask, Mom!  Well, it did sound good on the Echo, so not a bad first choice. As long as she asks Alexa to play 99.1 The Whale and listen to her song once in a while, I'm happy!

How can you hear 99.1 The Whale on Alexa? Click on the blue button below!

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