I always considered myself to be a little bit of a pervert, but even I'm not this bad.

According to The Guardian, the adult toy company called We-Vibe conducted a survey and found that 14% of the men they surveyed said the Amazon Echo's voice, known as Alexa, turns them on. Now granted, it is an adult toy company doing the survey, so most of the men that visit their website are into kinky things to begin with.

Just be careful what you say to her because there have been reports that Amazon staff listen to voice recordings when people are using Alexa so they learn how to better program future models.

The poll did not ask about the Google Home's voice, or even Siri. I use Google on my phone many times a day. I don't get turned on by it, but hey, whatever floats your boat. It's not my place to judge.

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The whole thing reminds me of the Big Bang episode where Raj falls in love with Siri by talking to her over his iPhone. He starts talking to her as if she is his girlfriend and even has a romantic candlelit dinner  with his phone.

He ends up dreaming about going to Apple to meet Siri, who in his dream is played by beautiful actress. He shows up with a bouquet of roses and walks into her office. When she propositions him, he realizes that he can't speak to women, so he can't speak to her in person. That's when he wakes up screaming. You can watch that clip below. But, if Siri's voice turns you on, you may want to watch it in private.

Instead of talking dirty to your smart speaker, or trying to get her to talk dirty to you, why don't you download the skill from our website and you can listen to 99.1 The Whale on Alexa or Google home devices.

Use it for what it was designed for and your friends and family won't think you are a freak.

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