The new trend in TV shows seems to be the old trend in TV shows. A lot of the shows from the past are getting new life. Hawaii Five-O was brought back a couple of years ago with a whole new cast. More recently CBS brought back S.W.A.T with a whole new cast and NBC brought back Will & Grace with the original cast. Will & Grace airs on NBC Thursday nights at 9 pm. ABC decided to get in on the new old trend by reviving the sitcom Roseanne. The new version, which features the original cast and some new cast members, aired last night at 8. The original Roseanne debuted in the 80s and wan on the air for nine seasons before being discontinued in 1997. Back then, the original series ended with Roseanne's husband Dan dying. Last night I was watching hockey in the bar in my basement when my wife came downstairs and put Roseanne on one of the other TVs. She was a big fan of the original show so I figured I would let her have the audio.  I found myself watching more of Roseanne than the hockey game and laughing out loud a couple of times. The show started with Rosanne and Dan in bed and she struggling to wake him up. Once he woke up, she said she thought he was dead. Dan, played by John Goodman, took off his CPAP mask and asked, 'Why does everyone think I'm dead'?

Watching Roseanne made me think of other shows that I would love to see come back. One, in particular, would be WKRP in Cincinnati. I loved that show when I was a kid well before I ever thought about getting in the radio business. And now that I'm in the radio business I can relate to a lot of the things that went on with that show. I think they should bring it back with the original cast. If they can't they can bring back the concept of the show and call it 'WAAL in Binghamton'. I can either act stoned and be a great Johnny Fever type of character or literally get stoned and they can come in and film me under the influence.

What shows from the past would you like to see revived?

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