It's amazing how much has changed for TV watching habits over the course of a lifetime. Especially in my lifetime.

Growing up, I lived in the country where we had limited access to television programs. All of it was over the air, using a crude antenna on the roof of the house. Our choices were ABC, CBS and NBC television affiliates out of Syracuse.

Those TV stations must have had quite powerful transmitters, given the fact that we lived at least 100 miles from Syracuse. The signals weren't always the best though. It depended on the weather and if the roof antenna got moved by strong winter winds. We were used to a grainy picture for most of the time, but that's all we knew, so it wasn't so bad.

Of course as time went on, cable  and satellite TV was born, along with more channels than you'd ever need. Televisions became so much more advanced with features we'd never even dream of when we were just kids.

Now, with streaming services becoming popular, it has added more options and ways to watch TV. For me, it started with watching the show 'The Office.' I had not seen it when it was on network TV, but thought I'd give it a look.

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If binge watching is a habit, I am hooked. Really hooked. I watched the entire nine season sitcom in about a month's time. That's 201 episodes. Currently, I've seen the entire series about 10 times, and recently got the complete dvd series for Christmas.

That was just the beginning. I've lost count, but I've probably binge watched at least 25 other streaming shows in the past two years. And most of them I've seen at least twice, including the second and third seasons.

I'm waiting to hear about creation of a binge watching support group. Once you start, I think it's hard to stop. When I complete a season, I start looking for another. I'm always checking to find out when the new season of other shows I've watched, will be ready to air.

Am I a binge-watching addict? Probably. Now pardon me, I'm right in the middle of season two of 'Lost in Space.' Gotta love that robot.

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