Why is it, as we get older (at least for me), we tend to look back at the past more?

Recently, one of the towns I lived in for several years, was flooded due to ice jams. The town's fire department flew a drone over the town. It was an eye opener how much damage water and ice can inflict on a community.

As I watched the video, I saw the home I lived in, along with the school I spent 7 years learning...I think. All of a sudden, a ton of memories came back. Mostly good memories, except for the bully we had in elementary school. I try not to think of that idiot.

Anyway, I love to re-live the past for whatever reason, and that includes watching old TV sitcoms. One of my relatives continually picks on me for watching those old shows, especially since I've seen them a ton of times.

I'm talking about The Andy Griffith Show, M*A*S*H, Bonanza and Gomer Pyle among others. Not only are they good, clean family shows, they bring back great memories...just like Classic Rock!

So is it wrong to look back? I suppose as long as it doesn't consume your life, it's OK. And I'm not there...yet.

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