Merry Christmas Eve. After more than two months of the Christmas season (or has it been more) the day is upon us. After the horrible year we've had, seeing the first inkling of Christmas more than two months out didn't seem to bother me this year.

I welcome anything that gets our minds off 2020, and I'm sure you do, but of course this Christmas will be a lot different for many with a lot of us just staying home. No one will be visiting me and I will not be visiting anyone's home either.

This will be the first time in all my years on this planet that I will not see my mom or siblings. It's almost going to feel just like a regular day. But I will try to make the best of it.

That being said, I was thinking about some of my Christmas day pasts. Every one of them has been so special. For the first five years of my life, I was an only child. That meant every present under the Christmas tree belonged to me. Then at 5 years old, my first sister was born. That first Christmas, not all the presents were for me. No big deal, I thought. Then a couple years later, another sister, and then a brother, followed several years by another brother.

Now there were five of us, and the number of presents under the tree for me were far fewer each time another sibling came into our lives. Thinking of it, what a brat I was. And every year I wished for a drum set. I played drums in school and wanted to learn how to play on a drum set. Santa never delivered me a drum set, and my drumming days ended when I graduated from high school.

As an adult, Christmas is only special when I get to make my daily trek to visit my sister-in-law, followed by a trip to Western New York to see my mom and siblings. We don't see each other very much during the year, and that's why it's upsetting that I will not see them this year. Here's hoping to a normal 2021. Well, normal enough so we can get back to our traditional Christmas Day celebrations. Merry Christmas, Whale Nation. I hope the day is special for you and your family.

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