Are you like me? When I see or hear the word 'Recall' I immediately need to find out what it is. Maybe it's a food recall - something that's in my kitchen cupboard or refrigerator.

Or maybe it's something to do with my van or my wife's car. Possibly a issue with my camper (and there was a huge issue shortly after I bought it, resulting in the entire back wall being torn out to replace too small refrigerator vents.) Fortunately it was at no cost to me.

It was about a year ago, when there was a recall on a certain Jif Peanut Butter product. It just so happened that I had a jar in my kitchen cupboard. Normally, I just buy  the store brand peanut butter, but wanted to enjoy a jar of Jif peanut butter.

My timing was not good. I had gone through about the third of the jar before news got tm me about the recall. Fortunately, it had no effect on me. I even wrote about it here. And the recalls never stop.

The latest (well as of May 22nd) recall has been announced from the FDA. The notice states that this product was distributed in Puerto Rico. The recall is for a "specific lot of over-the-counter G-Supress DX Pediatric Drops Cough Suppressant Expectorant Nasal Decongestant Cherry Flavor, manufactured by Novis PR LLC." 

The FDA is alerting consumers and pharmacies to not use or sell this cough decongestant because it contains the incorrect product and may cause patient harm. According to the FDA:

...pharmacies that found the wrong product – Finafta Anesthetic/Analgesic Liquid – inside the carton packaging of the G-Supress product. Novis does not manufacture Finafta Anesthetic/Analgesic Liquid, used to temporarily relieve mouth irritations and inflammation. Finafta Anesthetic/Analgesic Liquid comes in 0.5-fl. oz. (15-mL) bottles. - FDA

A voluntary recall has been issued by Novis, stating that "consumers, distributors, and retailers should stop using this lot and return it to place of date, Novis has not received any reports of adverse events or injuries related to product use."

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