We have a rule in our house when it comes to Halloween and that rule is that mom and dad are allowed to sample any candy we want to make sure that it tastes delicious. Do you do the same thing in your house?

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I mean, I think that sampling candy is the very least we deserve for walking in the dark, picking up dropped candy, fixing costumes, driving here and there and everywhere, and striking up conversations with strangers when our kids are too shy to ring the bell themselves. I'm not saying we should pillage ALL of our kid's candy, but a taste here and there is definitely warranted!

I shouldn't be, but each year I'm surprised at how good the candy is that our neighbors hand out. I remember when I was a kid and our neighbors would give us apples or pennies or even worse, that orange and black nasty tasting taffy that was more paper than candy.

My son's trick-or-treat bucket is always filled with amazing finds like Starbursts and Tootsie Pops which is why none of this makes sense to me because if it were true, you'd think we'd find tons of these in our kid's buckets. What am I talking about? Crunch bars. Why am I talking about Crunch bars? Because according to the experts at Zippia, New Yorkers love Crunch bars.


Crunch bars? Really? I'm not knocking on them, but I am trying to understand how out of all the candies in the world Crunch bars were determined to be the favorite in New York. Zippia explains that they crunched (see what I did there?) their data by using Google Trends. 

If someone asked you to take part in a survey and name the one single candy that you love more than any other in the world, which would you pick? I'd have to go with orange cream pop filled Twizzlers. If you've not tried them, you need to!

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