The first video game I received as a kid was Pong. I had fun with that until Atari came along. I used to love to play Atari even though I knew the graphics were lacking, especially in the early games.

But then came games like Pitfall and Donkey Kong, where the graphics definitely improved. As time went on and advances in technology were made, game consoles like Nintendo and eventually Xbox came along.

I remember in the early 90s, watching my nephews play Mario Kart wishing we had games like that when we were younger.

They showed me what buttons on the controller did what and I played with them a couple of times.

If you were a big fan of Mario Kart Racing,  you now have a chance to do it in real life. According to Secret NYC, 'Mushroom Rally' will be in New York City in September.

They say 600 lucky participants we'll get to battle it out on the track dressed up as their favorite characters from the game. I'm not sure if there will be oil slicks or banana peels on the course, but you never know.

Being that space is extremely limited, you can sign up for the waitlist here.

Click here to see pictures and get more information on the 'Mushroom Rally'.

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