A few things are more important to 13-year-old boys then video games. Every spare minute a teenage boy has is usually spent playing video games with friends. That's what makes this story so special.

According to My Fox 8, a boy named William Preston saw a video on YouTube where someone surprised their mom with a car and he decided he wanted to do that for his mother.

His mother, Krystal Preston, lives in Fernley Nevada and she has been raising her three kids and their three dogs on her own according to My Fox 8. William, her oldest son, does little jobs around the community to raise money.

The 13-year-old saw an ad on Facebook for a 99 Chevrolet Metro. The car was rather inexpensive so he decided to try and buy it for his mom. He had his initial offer rejected by the seller but the boy persisted and worked out a deal where he would trade his Xbox and do yard work for the woman in exchange for the car.

Last week, the boy showed up at his house with a stranger and told his mother she had to go for a ride with them. She was a little uneasy getting in the stranger's car without an explanation, but the son insisted they went with her.

It turned out the woman drove the Prestons to her house where the car keys and paperwork we're waiting for Krystal. She got really emotional when her son surprised her by handing her the keys and the title to the car as he said: "I bought this for you".

She was quoted by My Fox 8 as saying

"I lost it, I bawled. I was just like, there's no way and then she gave me the keys and the paperwork".

I guess there is hope for the future after all.

Click here to see William and the car.

[via My Fox 8]

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