All Classic Rock music is great stuff. But each of us have songs that we like better than others, and I'm sure each of us have a few we're not fans of at all, but they are popular with many others. It's just like anything else in life.

Earlier this week, we sat around in the Whale Think Tank, or as I prefer to call it, the Beer Tank, trying to come up with another stellar weekend theme. With the recent addition of Jim Free, Doug Mosher and I decided to let him join in and come up with an idea. If I remember correctly, after a few cans of refreshing bubbly, Jim's first idea was something along the lines of a Punk Polka weekend. Either that or a Power Classic Rock weekend. Maybe I imagined the former idea.

Either way, Saturday and Sunday, we will throw hourly double-shots of some of our best, most popular, tubular Classic Rock songs from the 70s and 80s era at you. One hour will start with a 70s tune followed by an 80s song, and the next hour, we'll switch it up. Pretty smart, huh? Please don't judge us too harshly, we're just radio  personalities, not rocket scientists.

Remember to take us wherever you go this weekend. You can hear us on your radio at 99.1 FM, online at, on your mobile phone with the new Whale App– search for 99.1 The Whale, and also as 99.1 The Whale on radioPup!

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