During the many months of the pandemic, which seems to never end, many people found themselves more at home through work at home edicts, layoffs and other reasons due to the Covid-19 crisis.

And being at home all the time can become a lonely or boring place, especially if you have little or no family, or you just have nothing else to do Over the course of the pandemic, many people began looking for some companionship in the way of pets.

With plenty of time to spend caring for and enjoying that cute new dog, cat or whatever, it sounded like a good idea. After all, look at all those cute looking pets people are showing off on social media. So it's no-brainer. Or is it? According to Innovet Pet, with more and more homebound Americans back to work and routines back to normal, many are now dealing with pet regret.

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Innovet Pet recently conducted a survey that shows over one in three Americans who adopted a pet during the pandemic, now have regrets. Their news release states that 41 percent of New Yorkers are concerned that they will not be able to properly care for that new pet as life gets back to normal.

I understand wanting to get a pet during the pandemic, but unfortunately, not everyone does research before making the leap to understand just what pet ownership can mean incluidng quality time, care, training and expense. The Innovet Pet survey shows that just over half of Americans surveyed did no research during the pandemic on what it means to be a pet owner.

I would not discourage someone from getting a pet, but I would strongly recommend doing the research. I treat my pets as family. I knew going in what to expect and that at times, the cost of care can be expensive. Love and take care of that pet as you would a child.

In my opinion, if it's not something you can commit to daily, maybe a time in the future when you can devote more time and love to a pet would be a better idea. I  try not to think what could happen to these loving pets if the owner can no longer afford or want to care for their pet.

via Innovet Pet

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