I don't get it. I can't figure it out when it comes to animal cruelty. Why would certain people treat lovng animals so cruely? Is it more prevelant that we know?

So, why am I writing about this?  Over the course of just two days, I've read about four cases of animal cruelty. Three locally, and one in North Carolina. The first is from WNEP-TV reporting about a case in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania where a person is facing animal cruelty counts. According to investigators, two dogs were discovered without food and water, locked inside a hot trailer.

In the second case, this week, the Broome County Humane Society posted on their Facebook page asking for donations to help a pup that they explained "...was left to rot on the street. It is one of the worst cases we have ever witnessed.  He is extremely emaciated, dehydrated, and with open wounds infested with maggots."

The third case I read about was from Yahoo! News, about a person finding and saving puppies located alongside a highway, zipped up in a suitcase near Greensboro, North Carolina. Fortunately, this good samaritan took the puppies to an animal shelter where they are now doing fine.

The fourth is a report from the Otsego County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, about a person facing nine animal cruelty charges resulting in several animals being seized by authorities at a farm.

As someone who has had many pets - dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and even a turtle, I've always cared for them as if they were my child. I or anyone for that matter who adopts an animal, have to accept the responsibility of caring for that animal for their lifetime. Period. Should be a no-brainer. This subject of animal cruelty bothers me more than you can know. And it should.

Yes, I know. Unfortunately, animal cruelty will continue, just like human cruelty continues to happen around the world. But, you can help. You know the saying - "If you see something, say something." It needs to apply to any animal cruelty you may see as well. Report it. My opinion.

[via WNEP-TV, Broome County Humane Society, Yahoo! News,Otsego County Sheriff's Office ]

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