Some of the most heated argument s I have even witnessed have revolve around politics. I learned early on in life not to engage individuals in discussions involving such matters.

I will say I am a register voter, and I exercise that right each year, however I am not registered with any political party.

I have voted for candidates in both major parties at times in my life, but as to who and why, you'll never get that one out of me.

Many people believe that a certain political figure or party can do no wrong, but I think the majority is not that naive.

Throughout history we have had some big political scandals, involving Republican and Democratic presidents, fame and power, along with money does things to people, and the president is a person complete with the imperfections shared by all members of the human race.

From Republican Warren G. Harding's oil scandal in 1922, to Democratic US Senator Edward Kennedy and the Chappaquiddick incident in 1969, Watergate, White Water, Hillary Clinton's E mail account and many others before and after, both parties have shown that vulnerability.

The bickering and finger pointing between these parties continues in every corner of this country on a daily basis, still each year I do my best to vote for the candidate who's platform best suits the needs of my community and country.

Like many of you I have been built up, and let down at times, novelist Charles Dudley Warner said "Politics makes Strange Bed Fellow" which basically means, anyone can have a common agreement about a certain party of candidate, but I believe it's best to "Guard your Spirit" when it comes to those bed fellows.

See you at the polls, but don't ask me who I'm voting for.


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