I am. And I was going back and forth about exactly how I would vote this year. Would I mail it in, vote early or just vote on November 3rd? I was leaning on voting on November 3rd, but now I'm thinking about taking advantage of early voting which begins this Saturday October 24th and goes through Sunday November 1st.

The Broome County Board of Elections has a Broome Votes website, which is a treasure trove of information to help you along the way to voting, listing the locations for early voting including the George F Johnson Memorial Library at 1001 Park Street, Endicott, The Oakdale Mall on Reynolds Road in Johnson City, The Taste NY Building located at 840 Upper Front Street, Binghamton and the Broome County Public Library at 185 Court Street, Binghamton. Check the Broome Votes website for times each day, since they vary.

If you choose to vote via an absentee ballot, the Broome Votes website lists certain rules to qualify, in addition on how to go about this voting procedure. Once you have sent in your absentee ballot, you can check the status including the application processing date, mail and received date. Again, check the Broome Vote website for complete details.

You can also check the poll sites and sample ballots for the district that you are voting from. The Broome Votes website has sample ballot sheets that you can see before you choose whoever you are voting for. I have already looked over my district options, looked up the candidates information, and have pretty much decided who I am voting for from each column.

If you live in Tioga County, visit the Tioga County Board of Elections website for everything to do with voting. It contains voter information, sample ballots, polling locations, maps and much more.

For Chenango County, visit the Chenango County Board of Elections website, and for Susquehanna County in Pennsylvania, visit the Susquehanna County Voting System website.

I will admit, it was a long time before I became a voter, but glad I registered and now vote in every election. Let your voice be heard, through an absentee ballot, early voting or on November 3rd!

via Broome VotesTioga County Board of Elections, Chenango County Board of Elections, Susquehanna County Voting System

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