Today is election day, and for some people it is turning out to be a very stressful day. According to a survey conducted by Study Finds, 55% of Americans said that this year's election day will be the most stressful day of their lives. Really?

I get it, this is a very important election. Both sides believe that their candidate for President is the one that is best suited to face all the challenges our country is dealing with today. And yes, the magnitude of the Coronavirus pandemic is something that our country hasn't had to deal with since the early 1900's, I understand that, but all you can do is vote and hope for the best.

I know it's easier said than done, but when I was young, my father used to always say “don't worry about things you have no control over”. And this is a perfect time to be reminded of that. Do you want the person you voted for to win the election? Absolutely! That is why you voted for them. But if your candidate doesn't win, the sun will still rise tomorrow. Life will go on regardless of who wins each and every one of the elections.

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So if you are feeling stressed today, and again I know it's easier said than done, get your mind off the election. Stay off social media, don't watch the news, do something that makes you happy. If you like to walk, go for a walk. If you have a pet, spend time with your pet. If you like to laugh, watch a funny movie or something funny on Netflix like Schitt's Creek. But please, don't stress out too much over the election. If you voted, that's the best you can do.

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