It's been rough for me being a Philadelphia Eagles fan. We had many crappy years along the way, and we've had some great years too, but we have yet to win the Super Bowl I remember the first time we made it to the Superbowl back in 1981, we were heavily favored over the Oakland Raiders. I remember in school all my friends were telling me how the Eagles were going to win that game. I remember as a young boy crying when the Raiders, who were a wild-card team that year, pulled off the upset 27 to 10. We made it to a few more NFC Championship games along the way but were unsuccessful making it to the Superbowl until 2005. That was the first time the Patriots and the Eagles faced off in the big game. New England won 24 to 21. Now, the stories of the Patriots' cheating ways are well-documented. I remember sitting there watching that game, wondering how the Patriots knew where the Eagles defense was going to Blitz from before the ball was snapped. It was like they knew our plays and would run a screen pass to that side every time the Eagles blitzed. A couple years later, it came out that the Patriots were accused of filming the walkthrough of opposing teams the day before the Super Bowl. Buy watching the walkthrough, they would know which players were blitzing on which plays.

So, here we are with the Super Bowl coming up this Sunday. Midway through the season, I was hopeful that we would go deep into the playoffs but wasn't sure we would make it to the Super Bowl. Once Carson Wentz got hurt, I wasn't sure we are going to win a playoff game. The Eagles are going into this Sunday's game in Minneapolis as underdogs. And rightfully so, the Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl last year. But the Eagles team has been feeding off that Underdog tag throughout the playoffs, and I pray they can pull off just one more win this season.

Fly Eagles Fly!

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